spa pedicure


Enjoy a foot bath made of rose petals and essential oils, rose, in combination with active crystals that will free your body from toxins and fill you with energy. Then enjoy the exfoliation with floral scents and relax while the therapeutic deep hydration mask works. At the end of the treatment, the relaxing massage will relieve any foot pain and give you a light feeling when you walk.

A few details: The rose is a beautiful flower that has anti-depressant properties and induces euphoria, while easing negative emotions. Rich in vitamin E, which makes it an extremely moisturizing and nourishing ingredient for the skin. Its energy crystals in combination with Rose oils will give you relaxation and hydration.


Relax with a foot bath rich in essential oils and lavender leaves. The sweet purple tones added to the water will give you the hydration and relaxation you are looking for in your everyday life. Then you enjoy the moisturizing properties of the flowers through the exfoliation and relax while the moisturizing mask works on your skin. Finally leave yourself in our hands for a relaxing massage under the tones of lavender that will give you antiseptic, relaxation and hydration.

Some information: Lavender has been known for its actions for many centuries. It got its name from the Latin verb 'lavare' meaning 'to wash', because the ancient Romans used it in their baths (lavare-levandula). It has been proven that its use reduces anxiety, stress, as it simultaneously provides anti-inflammatory and antiseptic abilities.


Enjoy a delicious foot bath with vanilla oils and sweet salts that will surely whet your appetite for sweets. Then you apply an exfoliation with grains and tones of chocolate that will undoubtedly enchant you. Then relax for as long as the mask works with its moisturizing, detoxifying and antioxidant properties. Finally, keep the sweet aroma of chocolate on you through a delightful massage with moisturizing cream. It will definitely be the sweetest pedicure you've ever received.

A little info: Dark chocolate has been proven to nourish and hydrate our skin, making it glow and helping it prevent our collagen from breaking down. Its high caffeine content stimulates circulation, allowing blood to rejuvenate and naturally heal the skin. Finally, its antioxidant elements help the cells to build collagen and elastin.